Graduation Importance to Get Bank Jobs


Getting jobs in private and public sectors bank have received hype in the past few years. This has created a cut throat competition among the students to pass the exam and to get through the interview. The hype is said to exist for few more years. Every year thousands of students sit for the exams but there are only few who clear the exam.

The government of India is trying its best to solve this issue by opening new branches and continuously making new openings in the banking sector for various posts. It is believed that a large number of people will retire too in coming few years, paving the way for the new entrants. Almost all the public sector bank employees are being selected through a common entrance test.

In order to minimize the competition and to recruit candidates with rights skill and qualification, there are number of eligibility criteria that an applicant should have. One of the prime eligibility criteria for most of the banking jobs is that the applicants should be a graduate. Being a graduate is important for this profile because banking jobs is related to money transactions. Even a slight mistake from the employees can cause a lot of issues. Therefore, only a graduate who have a proper understanding of their subject and one with a mature mind can apply for this job. Not only that bank requires a graduate, but also they specify a cut off percentage that a candidate should have achieved during their academic background. The percentage would ensure that the candidate performed well in the exams and therefore he/she can take up the challenges of the banking jobs too.

Along with the graduation, a candidate should have proficiency in computers too. A banking job involves keeping the records of transactions on computers; therefore if a candidate has certificates in computers along with a good academic background they will have better chances of cracking the interview.

Why Graduation is important to get banking jobs?

If we look at the banking jobs advertisements that come in newspaper every now and then, we will notice that there are jobs for 12th pass students too. But these jobs are not for senior level posts. Also, most of the times these advertisements ask for some other qualification along with 12th pass like some specific course in computer etc in order to be eligible for the job. For graduates and for management students there are various good openings that keep on coming like probationary officers. Even if a person joins banking job at a junior level there are lot of scope for him/her to reach at senior level jobs by giving more exams and with experience and good performance. There is a different pay scale for different level of banking jobs.

Once you get the job, keep in mind that the key to success in banking sector is by making your clients happy. Money and success are important, but first you need to prove yourself by working hard and smartly to be considered for promotion.


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