Top 10 worst work habits to avoid


Most of us often hold a grudge against our work life. Some of us have a problem with our boss, while others have a problem with some of our colleagues. It is easy to bitch about your office and your work schedule, but have you ever stopped and pondered about your own work habits? Many of us indulge in unprofessional behavior without even realizing it.
If you are serious about getting ahead in your career, make sure you kick these worst work habits that are not going to get you anywhere:
  1. Coming in late and saying goodbye early- Some organizations have strict rules as far as the work timings are concerned. Others are more relaxed about it. But don’t take this relaxation for granted. A one-off day where you come in late and leave early is pardonable but doing it regularly is bad. It is unprofessional too, since you are taking salary for the full work hours.
  2. Bad mouthing your boss or colleagues- It is easy to get pissed and bad mouth your boss or colleagues behind their back. But it does not put you in a good light. Avoid doing it.
  3. Indulging in office politics- Often, it is difficult to escape office politics. However, avoid getting too involved in it if you don’t want complications later on. You may get involved in a situation you will regret.
  4. Accessing personal e-mail and social networking- Once a day is fine and most of us do that. However, checking your personal e-mail every 15 minutes or posting updates on Twitter and Facebook is not a health habit. The organization is giving you money to work, not to while away your time on social networking sites.
  5. Being a bad e-mailer- We have to send few to several official e-mails per day. However, since e-mail has become second nature to us, most of us do not take it seriously. When sending an official e-mail, it is important that it sounds professional. Take care of your language, grammar and typos. It is for your own good.
  6. Not taking a break- Not taking a break from work may catapult you to instant fame, but it is not good for your health. You must get up from your desk every 2 hours to stretch and re-focus Taking frequent breaks during work is actually a better strategy for increased productivity.
  7. Not being responsible for your system- Many of us look for the slightest of excuses to skip work. Often, in organizations, your computer has a bad day. As a sincere employee, it is your responsibility to get it fixed from the person who is responsible in your company. Don’t make the excuse of a bad system for skipping work.
  8. Dressing badly to work- Nothing spoils a professional atmosphere more than a bad dress sense. When you are going to office, dress like you are going to one. It is another matter if you are in the advertising sector which is more casual. In most industries though, a professional dress code is the order of the day.
  9. Disturbing others- Fine, you don’t have enough work on your desk. But that does not mean you go to other people’s desk and disrupt their work.
  10. Staying aloof- You won’t go with anyone in a lunch break; you won’t attend office parties; and you would constantly stay aloof. That may seem cool in a Bollywood potboiler, but at a workplace, it is just arrogance.


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